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About Us

Meet the Team
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Our purpose

Our purpose is to help you envision streamlined solutions that fit your company's needs.


Square Foot develops solutions and tools with your team - allowing easy access - unlike big consulting firms who hide or lock-away solutions created for your company.

We build on your team's ideas and expertise to create functional and sustainable systems where everyone understands the process.

Our purpose
Our team
Our Team



Work Experience:

I love bringing people together to collaborate on mutually beneficial solutions. It’s been my privilege to work in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. 

Senior Consultant

Fun facts:

When I have the chance, I fill my spare time with home DIY projects, cooking for my family, researching genealogies, and generally being a life-long learner.


Work experience:

I've gained experience in non-profit and corporate businesses. I relish opportunities to work with clients from new industries with unsolved problems.



Fun facts:

My favorite state is Maine. I grew up there and I am extremely fond of the area. My wife and I now live in Pennsylvania; however, I'm excited to go back to Maine for the hiking and kayaking... and of course the lobster!

Social Mission


Quality and integrity
in every area

Square Foot strives to operate as a responsible and contributing member of the local and global community. 

Ponte Vecchio

At least, 10% of our gross profit

go to support local and global non-profit organizations supporting the following causes:

care for orphaned and vulnerable children

relief for refugees and displaced people

bible translation

higher eduction

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