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Expert Guidance

Level 1: Process Analysis

We begin with a conversation where everyone is invited to contribute. Then we work the job alongside employees throughout the company until we have a strong sense of day-in and day-out activities. Square Foot uses this research to create a unique swim-lane diagram, accompanied by a report with findings and recommendations. Oftentimes, the labyrinth of complexity in day-to-day workflows can be simplified in these visual diagrams. Perhaps the most valuable piece from this interview process is that people feel heard from the beginning. This information gathering is relevant to all levels of the company. Frequently quick wins and easy-to-implement solutions emerge from this initial analysis, meaning you'll see results early in the process.

Level 2: Project Management

Depending on recommended and selected solutions, Square Foot can also take on a project management role. With a goal of equipping your team and facilitating transparent communication, we will work with your management team, committee, and/or third-party vendors to execute and fulfill the recommendations you’ve chosen to pursue.

Level 3: Business, Technology,                Training Solutions

Many companies experience data silos. Square Foot can take fragmented data and find a way to make it work together to provide unified reports and dashboards. These cohesive data views empower your company to move forward with your strategic direction. Solutions may include custom coding, producing dashboards, identifying custom applications of software, writing Standard Operating Procedures, creating business process documentation and diagrams, and training employees. Square Foot provides a one-stop-shop for these solutions.

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